As an artisan soap company, Lather&Crème does things a little different than commercial soap companies. This includes how we release our products.  


Our product releases are seasonal. This allows us to give you something new each season, that is suitable for the time of the year entering. For each season there will be two main releases.


Our soaps need a 4-week curing time from the day it is produced till it’s ready to sell. Each season will have a main release in the first month and a restock release in the third month. Expect some additional releases between these time frames.


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Summer Release
  • Initial Summer Release: 1 December 2020
    This is our official release of our summer product ranges. Keep in mind that our products are hot sellers and limited stock is available. Should you want to pre-order one of our items for our second release, please let us know on our social channels. This helps us with determining the batch sizes of additional or second releases.
  • Additional Product Releases
    Between releases we will be adding new products to our online store, this can include bath bombs, bar soaps, body butters and any trending products from the seasonal release.
  • Second Summer Release: 8 February 2021
    This is a restock of the initial products released on the 1st of December 2020. We may increase production numbers of our trending items, so please keep us in the loop of your favorite products by letting us know through our social channels!

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